Use our dye blocks to color up your candles. They are very easy to use and can make a big impact for your candle line! Have fun with color!

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Dye Blocks for Candles
Our premium dye blocks will ensure you end up with stunning color candles! They work beautifully in our candle waxes. An endless array of colors can be achieved based on how much dye you add to your wax.
A good hint when using the dye blocks, put the dye block in its plastic bag and put between 2 towels, then wack it with a hammer to break it in pieces, then you can use those pieces in your candle wax and it is much easier to use.  Remember when using these dye blocks a little goes a long way, start off with a small amount and add more to achieve your desired color.  The more intense color that you use can clog your wicks so make sure you are testing each batch!  Have fun with it, color can be a great way to change up a new line for your candles!
  • Helpful hints:
  • Break up the dye blocks with a hammer for smaller pieces
  • Start with a small amount — a little goes a long way!
  • Make sure to test your candles…you may need to use a different wick.
  • Have fun with it, color up your candles!


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