West Coast Candle Supply offers a collection of phthalate-free fragrance oils created specially for us by the top fragrance manufacturers. We offer high-quality, concentrated blends of fragrance oils and fragrance/essential oil blends.  Our FO’s have depth and different intensity than most Fragrance oils on the market. We know you will fall in love with each and every one of them!

We weigh our products for accuracy. That means that some FO’s will fill up the bottle and others will weigh more and look like less in the bottle.  Please be aware of this change, before the bottles were not being weighed.

Interested in our Fragrances for your next soap project?  These FO’s are good for your next batch of Melt and pour or Cold process soap making.  Any questions about these, just email or call Tracey.  We offer the IFRA sheets if needed.

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