Welcome to our new website!

To our current and loyal customers we have transferred our old site to a new platform.  User information was switched over but you will need to set new passwords for our new site.  Please go to My Account and choose lost password to set a new one.  If you have any questions please email us.  If you have a reseller’s permit, please email Tracey to update the system, these did not transfer with the new website.


We offer high-quality, concentrated blends of fragrance oils and fragrance/essential oil blends.

Best Selling Products


Luxurious, high quality candle vessels to boost sales.


The best candles start with the best ingredients.

Welcome to West Coast Candle Supply

At West Coast Candle Supply, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality ingredients, so you are able to create the finest finished products possible. To do this, we’ve spent extensive time researching manufacturers and distributors of candle making ingredients, packaging, accessories, etc, and then testing those products to ensure they meet our standards.

Our ultimate goal is to be the most comprehensive supplier on the west coast for products makers need, from initial production to packaging.