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Accu-Pure 84X Coconut Beeswax Container Blend Wax,| Single Pour Wax with great hot and cold throws, this is an all natural wonderful wax!

Available in slab form.

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Accu-Pure 84X Coconut Beeswax Container Wax

#84X Coconut Beeswax Container Blend is a container blend of organic coconut and beeswaxes and other ingredients, which includes a small amount of natural paraffin which performs as a necessary binder for the fragrance oils. It has excellent color retention, jar adhesion,  and is very clean burning.  As with all candles, be sure to cure for 2 weeks prior to test burning for most accurate test results.

  • Coconut wax
  • Beeswax
  • Single Pour wax
  • Excellent hot and cold throws
  • No additives are required.
  • As with all natural products, blends can vary slightly from batch to batch.
  • It is also blended to eliminate frosting with dyes in candles.
  •  It burns cooler so it burns longer
  • CDN and LX wicks work well with this wax.
  • Accu-Blend Manufacturer

Product Features

Melt Point: 118º F
Fragrance Load: 8%
Pour Temperature: 200-210º F

How to Use

Heat to 200-210ºF degrees, remove from heat source, add fragrance oil and dye, blend and stir while cooling, and then pour at 200ºF degrees for best results.

For consistently smooth results, it is recommended to pour hot @200-210ºF. For thick glass and or cooler room temperatures below 65ºF, pre-heating the glass is recommended and poured at 200ºF.

All our natural blends were formulated to pour hot (200 to 210ºF) for slower cooling rate which will result in consistently smoother looking candles and minimize any blooming.

Maximum fragrance load is 8%, but higher fragrance loads should be tested per fragrance

Technical Information

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2 reviews for Accu-Pure 84X Coconut Beeswax Container Wax

  1. Tonette Jackson (verified owner)

    I love this blend of wax it is so easy to work with me. The scent throw is AMAZING!

  2. Michele Elena Paylor

    I was using another Coconut Beeswax from another supplier that was very difficult to work with. I could never get the temperature right for pouring. So I found this wax after 4 weeks of searching for an alternative. IT IS AMAZING! My first batch came out perfect. No issues with temperature control and my tops came out smooth…no need for my heat gun. I’m sold on this wax from now on.

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