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Ultra Core Wicks – Rigid Wicks for Container and Votive Candles

Fil-Tec’s Ultra-Core cotton candle wicks are a 100% natural alternative to zinc core wicks – they offer the rigidity of zinc, but without the metal wire.


Fil-Tec Ultra Core Cotton Candle Wick– Rigid Cotton Candle Wick

Fil-Tec’s Ultra-Core wick are a 100% natural alternative to zinc core wicks – they offer the rigidity of zinc, but without the metal wire. A specially-treated, all fiber-core wick, the wick is fully consumed during the burn. Fun fact about Ultra Core Wicks- the sizes on the wicks is the actual burn pool diameter, so for example if you purchase the Fil-Tec Ultra Core Cotton Candle Wick 3.0, that is going to have a 3 inch diameter burn pool, this makes sizing to your vessel so much easier!  These have become a favorite in our own candle line!

Features and Benefits:

  • 20mm tab, 6mm neck
  • Rigidity (remains straight) when both filling and burning the candle
  • Designed for no curl when burning and minimal mushrooming
  • Performs well in all waxes: coconut, soy, beeswax, blends, paraffin, etc
  • Shorter, hotter flames with no soot
  • No zinc or paper core; lead and zinc free
  • Unmatched consistency from batch to batch
  • 100% made in the USA
  • sizing is easy — the number on the wick is the diameter of the burn pool!

How to Use

Ultra Core wicks’ knitted fiber construction allows for increased capillary flow, which basically means that they make it easier for the fuel (the wax and the fragrance) to flow into the wick and burn off. This is how it should work, so you get a candle with excellent scent throw and a proper melt pool without any tunneling.

Ultra Core wicks can be used with virtually any wax. However, as with any wick, you’ll need to perform wick tests to find the ideal wax, oil and wick combination.

Using Ultra Core wicks in low melt point waxes (like coconut)? You may want to try sizing down since the wicks burn hotter.

Using Ultra Core wicks with harder waxes (like beeswax)? You may need to wick up.

We’re sure you’re going to love these wicks!

Wicking Guide

The following is provided by the manufacturer Fil-Tec. Note that their testing was performed using paraffin wax, so you will probably get different results based on your wax, oil, container, etc. Fil-Tec named their wicks based on the melt pool diameter they achieved when testing.

Ultra Core Wicking Guide


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