We have been asked many times if we teach classes on how to make a candle…we are very excited to announce our custom candle bar!  You can sign up with a group or by yourself and we will teach you how to make your very own candles!  We offer a variety of different vessels that you can choose from and then choose your own scent or blend one that you like even better!  Each class takes about an hour and you will need to let your candle set up for a day, then you can take it home!  We offer the best ingredients for you to make a safe and clean burning candle that you will be proud that you made all yourself!

  • choose your own vessel from our selection
  • choose your scent or blend one that is custom to you!
  • add a color or leave it the creamy white of the coconut wax!
  • learn about the different wicks (including wood or cotton)
  • learn about the many kinds of natural waxes!
  • after your candle is set you can take it home ( or come back the next day to pick it up)
  • for best results – each candle should cure for 2 weeks before lighting them.
  • class sizes are between 1-6, if you have a larger group contact Tracey for details.
  • We can accommodate to your schedule!  Just let us know what works for you.


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