ECO wicks burn well in soy and other natural waxes.

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ECO Candle Wicks

ECO’s are the tried and true of the candle world.  We love the wide array of sizes that can fit your smallest tins to your largest vessel.  We recommend that you do your own testing to ensure the safety of your candles.  Tracey recommends using these wicks in Soy waxes for your best results!  Don’t hesitate to try our sample pack if you are not sure of the right size for your vessels.

ECO wicks are a flat, coreless, cotton wick with thin paper filaments interwoven for burn stability. The wick is coated with high melt point wax. Burns well in soy and other natural waxes.

Wick Features:

  • Base: 20 mm
  • Neck Height:  6mm
  • Length:  6″
  • coated in high melt point wax
  • good in soy and coco-soy blends
  • Flat / Coreless
  • cotton wicks


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