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Available in brick form.

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We love how easy it is to work with our coconut tart wax and the scent throw is amazing! This was was specifically designed for use as wax melts and tarts – it’s not for use in containers or as pillars/votives. It has a glossy white appearance when set up. Allow to cure for a minimum of 1 week (though you may find a 2-week cure gives an even better throw).

These are sold by the “brick”. Per the manufacturer Calwax, bricks weigh approximately 5 lbs each, though Calwax notes that brick weights may vary by +/- 3%.

Made from a proprietary blend of natural coconut wax and food grade paraffin. It’s paraben and phthalate free. All other information regarding ingredients for this wax are considered proprietary by the manufacturer, and no further details will be disclosed.

Maximum fragrance load: 10%

Melt Point: 125-130 Degrees F

Product Features

Melt Point: 125-130º F
Fragrance Load: 10% Max
Pour Temperature: As recommended by your mold supplier

How to Use

Melt wax to 200 degrees, stir in fragrance, and pour into molds at temperature recommended for your molds. It is imperative you heat the wax to recommended temperature to ensure proper bonding with the fragrance oil.

Minimal shrinkage. Second pour not required.

Technical Information

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