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Stabilo KST wicks, previously known as CDN, are constructed from 100% natural fibers and feature a flat braided wick with a special paper filament and create an even and more concentric burn pool.


CDN wicks tend to burn cooler than CD wicks in most waxes, and have less of a curl when lit. They are engineered to increase rigidity in the melted wax pool. Our CDN wicks are coated with a high melt point wax, which means the wax will not melt off the wick when pouring your hotter temperature waxes, as can happen with wicks coated with vegetable wax.

Ideal for use in container candles, votives and pillars.

Wick Features:

  • Base: 20 mm
  • Neck Height:  6mm
  • Length:  6″


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