Available in slab form. Case is 44 lbs of wax.

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This is our favorite soy wax.  Soy #10 is easy to work with! It’s a blend of soy and other natural ingredients, including mineral oil, and a very small amount of paraffin (per manufacturer Accu-Blend, they recently announced there is a small amount of paraffin in Soy 10 as a binder for the ingredients).

  • It has excellent color retention
  • great  jar adhesion
  • Excellent hot and cold scent throw
  • clean burning
  • It is blended to eliminate frosting of colored candle and adheres very well to the glass
  • Pours with a smooth surface the first pour!
  • Features long burn times.
  • No additives are required.
As with all natural products, soy blends can vary slightly from batch to batch.
This is the shipping case of 44lbs– 4 full slabs

How to Use

Heat wax to 180ºF degrees. Remove from heat source, add fragrance oil and dye, blend and stir while cooling. Pour between 160 to 180ºF degrees for best results; results can vary based on glass size, temperature of work area, fragrance percentage, etc.

Testing of candles prior to making large batches is always recommended. Recommended cure time is 2 weeks, then test, for the most accurate wicking.

Recommended wicks: we have had best results with CD and CDN wicks. However, many people also favor ECO and wooden wicks (double-ply and whisper).

Product Features

Melt Point: 122º F
Fragrance Load: 10-12%
Pour Temperature: 160-180º F

Technical Information

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