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Accu-pure Coconut #83 Container Blend Wax pours a creamy and luxurious scented candle. The clean-up is the best part, it cleans up with soap and water!

Available in slab form


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Accu-Pure Coconut #83 Container Blend Wax / A great wax for candle making!


Accu-Pure #83 Coconut Container Blend is a blend of organic coconut wax, palm wax, mineral oil and a small amount of food-grade paraffin, a necessary binder for the oils.

  • No additives are required.
  • Great Jar adhesion
  • Great Hot and Cold Throw
  • Clean Burning
  • Excellent Color Retention
  • One pour Blend gives a smooth top
  • Slow burning for a longer lasting candle
  • Coconut 83 is blended to eliminate frosting of colored candles
  • Accu-Blend Manufacturer

If you wish to stiffen the wax, yet keep it all natural, we suggest blending with an all natural soy wax.   We personally use this wax with Soy10 (50/50) so our wood wicks burn nicely!  We also suggest trying our Fit-Tec Ultra Core wick series for this wax!

As with all natural products, blends can vary slightly from batch to batch.

How to Use

Heat to 200-210º F, remove from heat source. Add fragrance oil and dye, blend and stir 30 seconds while cooling. Pour at 200º F for best results. For consistently smooth results, it is recommended to pour hot between 190-200º F for a slower cooling rate, which will result in consistently smoother looking candles and minimize any blooming.

Maximum fragrance load is 8%, but higher fragrance loads should be tested per fragrance.

For thick glass and or cooler room temperatures below 65ºF, pre-heating the glass is recommended and pour at 200º F.

Technical Information

Coconut 83 Data Sheet

1 review for Accu-Pure Coconut #83 Container Blend Wax

  1. Priscilla Nieves

    I found this shop and this wax on Etsy. Im new to candle making but Ive already used four different waxes. This one is deff my favorite , which is why Im here on google trying to find this wax lol I will deff wait for March because other waxes have been a drag to work with. Oh and her Peach fragrance is to die for!!!

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